uPVC Door Repairs Leicester

After many years of wear and tear uPVC doors in Leicester start to fail. You might notice that the uPVC door has started to become difficult to lock, or the handle on the door has started to become floppy. This is usually a sign that the mechanism or gearbox within the door needs to be repaired or replaced. We are sometimes able to repair the mechanism without having to replace it with a new one which of course is much more cost effective than you having to pay out for a new mech. Once we have inspected the mechanism, we can then let you know whether or not the mechanism can be replaced or if we need to replace it for you.

We will always try to repair rather than replace to save our customers money, but we will always let you know the full price of any works before they are carried out as per our customer charter and transparent pricing policy.

uPVC doors use what is called a multipoint lock which locks in several positions up the frame of the door. The reason these mechanisms start to fail is simply due to wear and tear, you can usually expect a uPVC door mechanism to last around 10-15 years so long as there is not a manufacturing issue with the mechanism.

Once A1 Lukes Locksmiths attends the property we are able to accurately diagnose the issue or you and then give you an accurate quotation before any work starts. In some cases we may even be able to diagnose the issue over the phone for you.

If you have a faulty uPVC door or would like to enquire about our uPVC door repair services in Leicester then please contact us today on 07385 602 586

uPVC Door Repairs Leicester

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