uPVC Window Repairs Leicester

Here at A1 Lukes Locksmiths we provide a uPVC window repair service in Leicester and surrounding areas. There are many reasons why a uPVC window might become faulty. You might find the window becomes jammed, or stuck or it becomes difficult to lock. Usually if you can catch a problem with a uPVC window early, the fix is much easier and usually cheaper than when it fails completely.

Many people think that if their window becomes difficult to lock or becomes jammed that the entire unit will need replacing. This is not the case. Just like uPVC doors, over time, through wear and tear the mechanisms inside uPVC window units become worn and will at some point need replacing. If the uPVC window is not closing properly, then it could just be a case of doing a re-alignment on the window so it closes flush again.

Here at A1 Lukes Locksmiths we will always endeavour to find the most cost effective and simple fix for any issue you might have with a faulty uPVC window which will of course save you both time and money.

We offer a number of uPVC window repair services including:

uPVC Window Repair Leicester

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